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We would like to introduce you to our lives and how you can become involved in the fun and excitement of spending time with a very special friend or two. Ideas to grow with Arena Driving Events, Combined Driving Events, Beach Drives, Trail Drives and more. There is nothing better then spending time out and about with your pony. Let Overlook Farm teach you how to enjoy the advantages of owning your own pony.

"Shetlands That Excel!

"Double Salute"
Diane Zmolek and DZ Flip The Coin
salute the judges at the VSE x2 at Happ's, Inc. in Ethel, Washington.
Photo by Cindy Wright

American Shetland Ponies

We raise ponies to do more than trot big. We raise ponies to do everything BIG. In the ponies we develop, we strive for

  • American Shetlands bred with size, stamina and dispositions for Combined Driving Events.
  • American Shetlands bred with elegance and presence for the Breed Shows.
  • American Shetlands bred to be your life partner in whatever you love doing.

We work with our ponies, we know their star quality abilities and when you own one, we will salute you and recognize you and your pony.

Become A Participant in the 300 Club

Steve and Diane are pleased to announce their support of the American Shetland Pony Club Amateur Excellence/Amateur Companion Horse Program. Overlook Farm is offering a $300 incentive Award to any ASPC registered Shetland bred by Steve or Diane Zmolek, who achieves 300 points under the rules of the Amateur Companion Horse Program beginning with the 2011 season. You can download the Rules and Forms by going to the ASPC Website and clicking on the links for the Amateur Shows. We are excited to offer you our support, encouragement and publicity as you make progress in this fabulous program. We wish you our best! We have several ponies for sale to fit every lifestyle or interest.

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